All player and coaches must get their temperature taken before going to the field.  It is the responsibility of the visitor team to check their temperatures prior to a game.

All coaches MUST wear a facial mask covering nose and mouth at all times. Players must wear facial masks prior and upon completion of games. Players on bench must wear a mask.

NO parents are permitted on the field, bleachers or their own chairs under any circumstances. Some Parks may assign an area for the parents to watch the games providing that spectators can maintain social distance.

In most cases the parking lot will be the designated area.

But parents must remain on theirs cars.

Restrooms will be cleaned every hour and disinfected after usage. There will be an employee from a company affiliated to Miami Dade Parks that will perform the sanitation and disinfecting protocol. Restrictions include one person/household family at a time.

Upon completion of games, Coaches, players and spectators must leave the park as soon as possible.