MSF Committee

Within the Miami Strike Force Program there is a Committee consisting of: Executive Director, Director of Coaching and Coaching Staff Committee. This committee has been established as a means to improve the overall functioning and communication of our Program. This committee also serves as a disciplinary committee for the Program and is in charge of selecting, evaluating, and interviewing future or new MSF coaches and trainers.


The MSF Program is affiliated and complies with the authority, rules, and guidelines of the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), the Florida Youth Soccer Association. (FYSA) and US Clubs.


We are currently involved in five leagues: South Florida United Youth Soccer Association (SFUYSA), South Florida Youth Soccer Association (Dade League), Miami-Dade Soccer League (MDSL) and US Clubs. The SFUYSA, SFYSA, MDSL leagues are affiliated with FYSA and USYSA and all FYSA and USYSA rules will apply to all the leagues. All FYSA register MSF teams, regardless of which league they play in, are eligible for Region Cup/State Cup competition. All US Clubs register teams, are eligible for National Tournament competitions.


Featured Leagues

Miami Dade Soccer League
South Florida United Youth Soccer Association