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Academy Program

Miami Strike Force Soccer Club is a premier soccer development entity with a purpose of creating a deliberate, positive and competitive environment where we provide opportunities for players and coaches to develop to their full potential while pursuing a commitment to excellence. The Miami Strike Force Soccer Academy philosophy for training the youth soccer players is “winning…
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Goalkeeping Academy

Designed to provide a complete range of training for ages nine and up. It follows the basic technique, tactical awareness and fitness training. Players wishing individualized goalkeeper instruction will be trained with the most advanced training concepts by our goalkeeper specialists throughout the week. The program teaches goalkeepers in four areas: Physical Fitness, Technique, Tactical…
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At the Miami Strike Force Soccer Camp we believe that every day should have a theme, which will work on strengthening the”Five Basics of Soccer”, Passing, Dribbling, Receiving, Finishing & Heading. By introducing the game to the player in this manner, the progression on a daily and weekly basis is easy to grasp. By the…
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