Competitive Program

MSF believes that the development of the player as both a student of the game and member of our community is important and essential, and thus the competitive program focuses on the development players by trained and licensed coaches at a competitive level.

The program is designed for the technical, tactical formation of players between the ages of 9 to 19 years old, and for players that want to take their skills and knowledge of the game to the next level of play.  Team tryouts for multiple age groups are held every year and players have a chance to make one of several teams in their age category.  Once teams are selected by assigned coaches, several important steps are taken:

  • A practice schedule is setup for the team.
  • A league schedule reviewed and decided upon by the coach and Director of Coaching.
  • A tentative tournament schedule is setup by the coaches.

For more information on the MSF Competitive Program, click here.

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