Club Standards

Club Standards


Club Standards 2021 -2022 Soccer season  

(Rev. 05/20/2019)

Competitive Soccer Program (Travel) is both a time and financial commitment. When accepted in a competitive team, it must be understood that you are committed to participate in all team functions which include practices, league games, tournaments and Club fundraisers. Many tournaments are scheduled over Holiday weekends.

Player Development versus Winning: While we demand that our players strive to perform/win every time they take the field for training or a game, winning is NOTthe primary objective for the club coaching staff for U13 and below. Our primary objective is centered around, and driven by, our goal of developing individual high-level players in a competitive environment.

Playing Time: It is the club policy that U12 and under players will receive ample playing time to continue the player development. In the age group U13 and up, playing time will be determine by the coach based on player commitment and ability. There is not guarantee playing time at these specific age groups.

Tournaments: It is the Club’s recommendation that each team play in at least 3-4 local tournaments, 1-2 in State and 1 out of state tournament for state cup level teams U13 and up. Below are the recommended tournaments by the club. Please make sure to confirm availability with each tournament. (Some tournament dates may vary from one year to the next). Other tournaments may be available.

Please note that for participation in non-recommended tournaments, they must be first approved by the club DOC.

Recommended Local tournaments

January:Wellington Wave Soccer Shoot-out

February:Weston Cup

March: Miramar Soccer Cup and Showcase

April:Miami Cup and Showcase (Pinecrest)

May:Sunrise, Davie.            

September: Adidas South Florida Super Cup.

October:West Pines Kick Off Classic                                        

 Recommended State tournaments

February:Disney’s Presidents Day Soccer Festival

May:Disney’s Memorial Day Soccer Shootout

May:  Adidas Champions Cup                

June:Disney’s Summer Soccer Jamboree

July:Disney Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament          

September:Disney’s Soccer Showcase Qualifier

November:Disney’s Junior Soccer Showcase


Mandatory league and\ or tournaments

Adidas South Florida Super Cup. This is a Labor Day tournament hosted by our club.

Miami-Dade Soccer League (for team’s u12 and below)

FYSA President’s Cup (for team’s U12 and above for teams not participating in State Cup)

FYSA State Cup (for team’s U13 and above with approval from Club DOC)

FYSA Commissioner Cup (for team’s U11 and above not participating in President’s and\or State Cup)

Coaches’ tournament expenses: For tournaments located twenty (20) to fifty (50) miles from Three Lakes Park, $ 50.00 per day.

For tournaments located above fifty (50) miles from Three Lakes Park, $ 50.00 per day plus $ .65\mile. For tournaments that require hotel stay, the team is to pay the coach’s Hotel accommodations (share rooms when possible) and air fare when needed.

Coaches’ league games expenses: For participating in a regular season league, no league expenses are allowed since participating in a league is part of the player registration fees.

Dress Code & Equipment: Players are required to wear official club gear with the proper Miami Strike Force logo applied to the gear when attending all practices, games, as well as Club/team functions. If you are not dressed in the appropriate Club soccer gear as instructed/required, you will be dismissed immediately. Any dismissal due to inappropriate dress or equipment will be regarded as an unexcused absence.

Note: Modifications to the Club soccer gear and\or players name in the jersey or equipment is prohibited. 

All soccer gear, including, practice and games uniforms, warm ups and bags must be purchased through the Miami Strike Force official retail store that can be accessed through the Miami Strike Force web site.

No coach, parent, team, is allowed to make any type of apparel using the Miami Strike Force logo without permission from the Board of Directors.

Fundraising:All members are expected to participate in the club annual raffle to be held in the month of December. Each member must sell a quota of 10, $10.00 tickets. (the $ 100 raffle tickets are included in the registration fees)

Sponsorships: Miami Strike Force will keep 15% from all monetary donations to a team. These monies are to be used only for team expenses. (Tournaments registrations, referee fees, etc.).

Field Space:Field space will be provided for practice purposes and games. Priority will be given to teams training for play in Early or Regular Season play, Tournament, Regional and State Cup. Scrimmages games are available upon request.

Home Games: Kendall Soccer Park is the home field for teams ages Under 13 and above. Three Lakes Park is the home field for teams ages Under 12 and below.

NOTE: Should the player wish to transfer to another club prior to the end of the seasonal year, and\or released from the club, the player/parents will be required to pay a $500.00 transfer/release fee to MSF, in addition to fulfilling all financial obligations (registration fees for the season) before the transfer/release is processed.

A player must fulfill all their financial obligations with the club regardless of the registration payment plan option taken and\or if the player stops playing before the end of the season.

A player may be place in “not in good standing” with the state association (FYSA) for failure to fulfill all their financial obligations with the club.